• 3V
    Dublin, Ireland
    3V is changing the world of payments by redefining how corporations and customers interact to exchange value
  • Abine
    Cambridge, MA
    Abine protects online consumer privacy
  • AngelList
    San Francisco, CA
    Social network connecting entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors
  • Annovation
    Cambridge, MA
    Annovation is developing novel anesthesia therapies.
  • Arteaus Therapeutics
    Cambridge, MA
    Arteaus is a product-focused biotechnology company developing a novel treatment for migraine prevention.
  • Ataxion
    Cambridge, MA
    Novel therapies for neurological diseases
  • Bicycle
  • Bit9
    Waltham, MA
    Bit9 is the leading provider of advanced threat protection for endpoints and servers
  • BuysideFX
    Burlington, VT
    BuysideFX solves FX trading needs
  • Cinemagram
    Montreal, Canada
    A fun and beautiful way to animate your photos
  • clypd
    Cambridge, MA
    Traditional TV advertising is history
  • CoStim
    Cambridge, MA
    Novel antibodies for immuno-oncology
  • CustomMade
    Cambridge, MA
    CustomMade is a marketplace for high quality bespoke goods
  • DataRobot
    Cambridge, MA
    Predictive analytics platform
  • DataXu
    Boston, MA
    DataXu provides real time decision making for online advertising
  • DraftKings
    Boston, MA
    DraftKings operates daily fantasy sports for cash
  • Earnest
    San Francisco, CA
    Merit based personal loans
  • Egalet
  • EnglishCentral
    Arlington, MA
    EnglishCentral is a web based English language learning platform
  • F-star
    Vienna, Austria
    F-star is developing next generation therapeutic antibodies
  • Fancred
    Cambridge, MA
    Fancred is a social media platform for sports fans
  • Fashion Project
    Boston, MA
    Fashion as a force for good
  • Flashnotes
    Boston, MA
    Flashnotes powers student-to-student exchange of information
  • Gizmox
    Gizmox provides HTML5 integration for the enterprise
  • Globoforce
    Southborough, MA
    Globoforce is a leading provider of reward and employee recognition programs
  • Gocella
    New York, NY
    Gocella is a mobile, social, and local marketing platform
  • Hadapt
    Cambridge, MA
    Hadapt is a big data analytics platform
  • Harbour Antibodies
    Cambridge, MA
    Mouse platforms for the generation of fully human antibodies
  • Hopper
    Cambridge, MA
    Where big data meets consumer travel search
  • Horizon
  • Infacare
  • InsightSquared
    Cambridge, MA
    InsightSquared provides business analytics and intelligence for SMBs
  • Inspirational Stores
    Paris, France
    Inspirational Stores is an e-commerce platform for niche brands
  • Integral Ad Science
    New York, NY
    Integral Ad Science is a content ratings platform for online advertising
  • JenaValve
  • KDS
    Paris, France
    KDS provides best in class travel and expense management solutions
  • Keas
    San Francisco, CA
    Keas is an online health and wellness platform for the enterprise
  • Kinvey
    Cambridge, MA
    Kinvey makes it easy for developers to setup, use, and operate a cloud backend for their mobile apps
  • Lagoa
    Cambridge, MA
    Lagoa is a cloud based 3D rendering platform
  • Learnist
    San Francisco, CA
    Web and mobile platform for social learning
  • LuckyLabs
    Cambridge, MA
    Next generation mobile social games
  • Maiden Lane
    San Francisco, CA
    The first investment vehicle built on top of AngelList
  • miRagen
  • Mnemosyne
    Providence, RI
    Novel therapeutics for schizophrenia and other neurological conditions
  • Mojo Motors
    New York, NY
    Mojo Motors is an automotive classified website
  • Moo
  • Nimbus
  • Nutonian
    Somerville, MA
    Next generation business intelligence
  • Objective Logistics
    Boston, MA
    Objective Logistics provides labor optimization and gamification for restaurants and retail
  • OwnerIQ
  • OYO Sportstoys
    Acton, MA
    Licensed collectible sports minifigures
  • PillPack
    Manchester, NH
    Medication simplified
  • Plastiq
    Boston, MA
    A better way to pay
  • RaNA
    Cambridge, MA
    RaNA is discovering first-in-class therapeutics that leverage breakthrough discoveries about the regulation of gene expression.
  • Recorded Future
    Boston, MA
    Recorded Future is a temporal analytics engine
  • Rodin Therapeutics
    Cambridge, MA
    Improving memory in neurodegenerative disease
  • Seatwave
  • Secret Escapes
  • Seedcamp
  • SimpleTuition
    Boston, MA
    SimpleTuition makes it easier to for students and their families to afford higher education.
  • Skillz
    Cambridge, MA
    Skillz is a cash tournament wagering platform for mobile games
  • Snapguide
    San Francisco, CA
    The easiest way to make and share elegant "how-to" guides
  • Spero Therapeutics
    Cambridge, MA
    Novel therapies for the treatment of highly resistant bacterial infections
  • sqrrl
    Cambridge, MA
    Security, scalability, and adaptability for big data
  • Stream Nation
    San Francisco, CA
    Media storage made simple
  • The Currency Cloud
    London, UK
    The Currency Cloud is a cloud platform for cross border payments
  • Threat Stack
    Cambridge, MA
    Security for Cloud Infrastructure
  • Ubersense
    Boston, MA
    Ubersense empowers people to become better athletes.
  • Veracode
    Burlington, MA
    Veracode is a leading on-demand application security platform
  • VideoIQ
    Burlington, MA
    VideoIQ provides integrated video surveillance solutions
  • Vitae
  • Zafgen
    Cambridge, MA
    Zafgen is creating first in class obesity therapies
  • ZappRx
    Boston, MA
    ZappRx is a next generation prescription platform targeting advanced therapeutics.
  • Zinwave
  • Zoopla
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